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I almost ran over innocent pedestrians today as I stopped my car to ask a gorgeous young lady where she got her earrings, I had seen them in an online picture and have coveted them ever since, the red fabric wrapped gems remind me of Fulani earrings. I had to have them, paid, ordered and on their way to me! If I have inspired you buy here.


When these guys say limited edition, they are deadly serious “22 different colorways limited to 15 pairs per style worldwide, placed in some of the most prestigious retailers around the globe. Each boutique will hold distinct one-of-a-kind DCAC silhouettes, available nowhere else. The pack combines original African ankara fabrics, Asian footwear manufacturing and German know-how” Find out if you CAN get yours here.

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Aldo shoes “inspired by the groovy 70’s” some one needs to tell Aldo these shoes are “right here right now”. My size SOLD OUT.

£65.00 also in  turquoise

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Mega online fashion store have a beautiful selection of accessiories crafted by Rwandan women “Zuba Africa“, they are fairly expensive, I wonder how much goes into the pockets of the talented Rwandan women, some one did raise this concern on their blog, and I believe they responded.

Bag $38.00

Multi Stranded Necklace $198.00

Fulani Earring




I have spent a good amount of time in West Africa, home to the Fulani a tall graceful nomadic people, but to date have not met a Fulani person, I have met various people who are part Fulani, myself included, when I was younger I imagined them to be mythical nomads who mastered the art of invisibility, a trait I so desired, but no amount of prayer or wishing enabled me to disappear. The real truth is I have not travelled far or wide enough within the region to meet any Fulani hopefully one day I will.

I was a little disapointed with my search on Fulani history , a brief history can be found here.

I saw a girlfriend wearing a pair of gorgeous earrings which looked as if the were made of solid yellow gold, I did not get round to asking where she bought them probably bcause they looked out of my price range. I came across these little beauties online and was delighted to know, they are of West African origin and are called Fulani Earrings. They are currently made by Mali Artisans out of thinly hammered bronze but were traditionally made out of gold and could be quite heavy, so the ear post were wrapped in red twine, I dont know how this helped the wearer manage the weight .

Get yours here, here or here! I am still waiting to get mine.

One of the first things I do when I am on a shopping site is run a search on the following words, African, African American, and ethnic, largely for my own amusement, I have been amazed at some of my finds from golliwogs to black mammy figurines and other porno stuff I care not to elaborate on. Occasionally I find some thing that makes me smile, I was having a look at my search finds on and found these head bands which I think are just too cute,  I may be a little long in the tooth to wear one, but they would look great on the right person.

Quote from the page “The Alice band boasts an eye-catching traditional West African cotton print in oranges, purples and pinks. The balls range from 4cm to 6cm in diameter and the headband measures 25mm at its widest point.” ; cost 36 USD.

The designer is London based Australian Jennifer Loiselle

Buy Item Here

red headband