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New in, perfect piece for the summer time  by Aifa at


I get so disappointed when I find a great designer, click on their online shop and find the words “coming soon”, especially when I have been clicking for 2 years!

So it is a welcome breath of fresh air to find designer Ohema Ohene’s site, great designs at affordable prices and an online shop, whey hey! ladies wear, mens wear and foot wear.

Vanessa £85.00

Oh! Nana Peak £70.00

Becca £80.00

A selection from the awesome collection by Nigerian born fashion designer/stylist Ngozi Pere-Okorotie. 

Styled with turban head wraps a current fashion trend, executed brilliantly.

Zed Eye will be presenting a fashion show and Pop Up Boutique at  Afro Hair and Beauty Live

Date: May 29th-30th,2011

Venue: Business Design Centre, Islington, London, N1 0QH

Time: 12:45 pm

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…I think, I live in London after all, you can never be too sure.

If you are lucky enough to visit sunnier climes, bold enough to strip or sun bathe in the park and would love to do so in ankara inspired itsy bitsy swim wear check out Bantu Wax, 100% made in Africa.

They also have the brothers covered.

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When these guys say limited edition, they are deadly serious “22 different colorways limited to 15 pairs per style worldwide, placed in some of the most prestigious retailers around the globe. Each boutique will hold distinct one-of-a-kind DCAC silhouettes, available nowhere else. The pack combines original African ankara fabrics, Asian footwear manufacturing and German know-how” Find out if you CAN get yours here.

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Shinga Shoniwa in NKWO for New African Woman

The Dutch Wax creator, all others aspire to be…

I have not updated my blogs for a while, however my midlife crisis is firmly in the past so I am moving forward in leaps and bounds!!

Whilst chatting to a girlfriend we got on to the topic of African fabrics and designs and like me she is waiting to lose weight to get some things custom made, I have decided the time is now, no time like the present! She sent me a handful of links some I was already familiar with, but there was one that caught my eye..


I am going to get heaps of inspiration from this site.

This is my homework, to find the origins of my beloved fabric, so please correct me if I only manage a C+.

To date I have read many interesting debates about the origins of the fabric, some saying it was initially cheap upholstery material thrust upon us Africans, or cheap imitations of Indonesian fabrics, what ever the origins it is widely accepted by Africans as our traditional fabric, yes I agree it is a shame that  Ankara and other fabrics seen and refered to as traditional are often imported, I do recall Nigeria banning imports, but I dont recall any initiatives to encourage home grown industry.

Well one thing is for sure there is no shortage of home grown designers, tailors and seamstresses kept in good business, crafting the designs that are seen in many of the African magazines today.

From an early age I loved Ankara, I wondered why people prefered lace for special occasions, until I discovered that some people often equate expense with good taste, I love lace too but Ankara is the first textile I took note of.

I have read various blogs, seen passionate comments on this subject, noticed that non-African designers have  taken an interest in “ethnic” inspired fabrics.

Back to my history lesson, truth be told I am already bored of this lesson, I would rather find some great designs.