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I love this picture, they both look amused, probably a private joke. The dress Naeem Khan

Online Fashion Magazine Contributing Editor‘s International Geographic Shoot featuring Sesilee Lopez.

The world can’t seem to get enough of Prada’s bananas. Click for full feature.

Solange is already on my personal style inspiration list, having gone down a different route to her sister, but thankfully chose a path that compliments her perfectly and is so uniquely hers.

Eclectic, bold, retro and a pinch of crazy = Fabulous

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All I can say when I see this photo is “mmmmmm” the relevance?

He wears Ankara, his music inspires. Watch his latest video Ijo (Dance) after the jump, I dare you not to dance!

Siji Music

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Shinga Shoniwa in NKWO for New African Woman

Love Eva’s dress and style, this would work in ankara, the tan obi style belt an essential accessory.

source: The Fashion Bomb (my favorite fashion site)

I have not updated my blogs for a while, however my midlife crisis is firmly in the past so I am moving forward in leaps and bounds!!

Whilst chatting to a girlfriend we got on to the topic of African fabrics and designs and like me she is waiting to lose weight to get some things custom made, I have decided the time is now, no time like the present! She sent me a handful of links some I was already familiar with, but there was one that caught my eye..


I am going to get heaps of inspiration from this site.

I saw Solange Knowles in an Ankara outfit and thought one of my African Designer sisters has hit it big, wrong, it was a design from Boxing Kitten, which also has Erykah Badu in its fan base.

The label mixes retro designs with dutch wax fabric. The designs are great and edgy, and deserve much kudos. 

I know some of my sister are mumbling and grumbling about the use of Dutch wax,  the designs are nothing new and Africans have been sporting that look for ages, well it is “Dutch” after all. Personally I dont care about all that and will patronise a good product regardless of origin, I have nice ankara items from Hennes and Zara, as long as my pound is not used to fund civil wars or promote child labour!

Besides by Maya Lakes definition I am a Boxing Kitten Woman.


Boxing Kitten