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Fulani Earring




I have spent a good amount of time in West Africa, home to the Fulani a tall graceful nomadic people, but to date have not met a Fulani person, I have met various people who are part Fulani, myself included, when I was younger I imagined them to be mythical nomads who mastered the art of invisibility, a trait I so desired, but no amount of prayer or wishing enabled me to disappear. The real truth is I have not travelled far or wide enough within the region to meet any Fulani hopefully one day I will.

I was a little disapointed with my search on Fulani history , a brief history can be found here.

I saw a girlfriend wearing a pair of gorgeous earrings which looked as if the were made of solid yellow gold, I did not get round to asking where she bought them probably bcause they looked out of my price range. I came across these little beauties online and was delighted to know, they are of West African origin and are called Fulani Earrings. They are currently made by Mali Artisans out of thinly hammered bronze but were traditionally made out of gold and could be quite heavy, so the ear post were wrapped in red twine, I dont know how this helped the wearer manage the weight .

Get yours here, here or here! I am still waiting to get mine.

I saw Solange Knowles in an Ankara outfit and thought one of my African Designer sisters has hit it big, wrong, it was a design from Boxing Kitten, which also has Erykah Badu in its fan base.

The label mixes retro designs with dutch wax fabric. The designs are great and edgy, and deserve much kudos. 

I know some of my sister are mumbling and grumbling about the use of Dutch wax,  the designs are nothing new and Africans have been sporting that look for ages, well it is “Dutch” after all. Personally I dont care about all that and will patronise a good product regardless of origin, I have nice ankara items from Hennes and Zara, as long as my pound is not used to fund civil wars or promote child labour!

Besides by Maya Lakes definition I am a Boxing Kitten Woman.


Boxing Kitten



Another of my  “African” search finds this time on ASOS, I found a lovely ankara jumpsuit and decided to find out more about the designer behind the label NKWO  “Afro Bohemian Chic” but alas the web page is under construction, I did  manage to find some  designs elsewhere on line, the gorgeous maxi dress in the photo, I don’t think the fabric is Ankara, but it has my vote.

I cant wait for the website hopefully accompanied by an online shop.